In the eyes of the world, Luz María is a successful psychologist who earns enough money to support her family and pay her younger sister’s tuition at an expensive boarding school. In reality, Luz Marina works as a dancer at a second-rate night club.

As “Kotufa” and Salvador get to know one another. a romance begins to flourish, although the two couldn’t be any more different. He loves red meat, she’s a vegetarian. He likes the beach, she prefers mountains.

Although Alma is Don Patricio Sorrento’s granddaughter, and therefore a legitimate heir to his fortune, she was raised in complete poverty by a cruel woman to whom she was given while still a baby, and is totally unaware of her true parentage. 

From a penniless immigrant to a millionaire heiress, Emilia Olivares undergoes this drastic transformation not by a stroke of luck nor by the magic in fairytales, but through an evil scheme that traps her in a web of lies and deceit. And so, what began as simple dream

He is the most popular television personality and hosts the highest rated variety show in the country. But all of his fame and fortune are of no use to him when he is diagnosed with a serious illness that is fatal unless he receives

Laurita and Lorenzo have what everyone considers “the perfect marriage”. He’s handsome, refined, educated, rich- and he adores his wife. She’s beautiful, elegant, a true society lady: the ideal mate for a man like him.

When two men fall in love with the same woman, trouble is bound to ensue. But when those two men are father and son, the consequences can be devastating.

Ana Paula Treviño dreams of becoming a Hollywood star and marrying Aníbal Paz-Soldán, the country’s most desirable bachelor. She knows the first goal is practically impossible, but the second… why not?

Left waiting at the altar on her wedding day, Estela Morales feels that she has nothing left to live for. So she goes on her pre-paid honeymoon, completely alone, with the intent to end her life.