Untamed Soul


Alma Indomable - English Trailer

Although Alma is Don Patricio Sorrento’s granddaughter, and therefore a legitimate heir to his fortune, she was raised in complete poverty by a cruel woman to whom she was given while still a baby, and is totally unaware of her true parentage. A twist of fate brings Alma to Don Patricio’s lavish estate, where she is taken in out of pity and where her life begins to change forever.

When she meets the ranch’s administrator, Juan Pablo Robles, her heart tells her he’s the love of her life. But this great love is not destined to flourish easily, as several mean-spirited characters, as well as unfortunate circumstances, conspire to keep the couple apart. 

Life takes Juan Pablo and Alma in different directions. For inevitable reasons, both marry other people, but time nor distance can erase their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Alma undergoes a radical transformation, turning into a refined, polished, and famous supermodel. After earning her own millions and finally receiving her rightful inheritance, she returns to Don Patricio's estate, where she was once so cruelly humiliated, now as the owner. 

Eventually, both Juan Pablo’s and Alma’s marriages fall apart, leaving them free to rekindle their love once again. However, a new obstacle emerges: the wicked Abigail Richardi, also a beautiful model, who is relentless on having Juan Pablo for herself and destroying Alma in the process.

In spite of her new refinement, Alma’s rebellious nature is still intact, and she refuses to be defeated by evil schemes. Only the power of love will conquer her indomitable spirit.