A Woman's Sacrifice


Sacrificio De Mujer English Trailer

For the past 20 years, Clemencia Astudillo has carried a sorrow so deep that nothing has been able to mitigate it. Although she is now a successful businesswoman with a stable marriage and three adopted children, she cannot forget that dreadful day when she woke up in a hospital –alone, helpless, and confused– to discover that her newborn baby girl had been kidnapped from her the night before.

Abandoned by the man she loved and robbed of the one thing that could make her happy, Clemencia’s life was completely shattered. Her only comfort came from an unexpected source: the doctor who treated her at the hospital. Captivated by Clemencia from the instant they met, Dr. Augusto Talamonti courted her relentlessly until she agreed to marry him.

Two decades later, Clemencia is a stern and bitter woman, at the helm of the company her husband inherited from his father. Nothing remains of that vulnerable, broken young girl… nothing except a constant yearning to find her lost daughter.

Little does Clemencia know that she is only a few steps away—because the new employee she recently hired is none other than her daughter, Milagros, who grew up in an orphanage.

When Milagros and Clemencia’s adopted son, Enzo, fall in love, Clemencia welcomes her into the family. However, there are evil characters conspiring to tear the couple apart, and Clemencia is tricked into believing a lie that Milagros has betrayed Enzo in the worst possible way. So she launches a brutal war against the young woman, unaware that she is destroying her own daughter.

Meanwhile, the man who left Clemencia pregnant and alone so long ago reappears in her life. Luis Francisco Vilarte happens to be the half brother of Clemencia’s husband, and upon his return from living abroad he is shocked to find her married to Augusto. In spite of themselves, Luis Francisco and Clemencia find that the passion they once felt is still very much alive. It is also revealed that Luis Francisco never intended to leave her—they were victims of a cruel scheme, just as Milagros and Enzo are today.

Confronted with her true feelings and reunited with her daughter at last, Clemencia has the chance to repair all the damage she has done so that Milagros and Enzo can be together again… while healing her own wounds and finding the happiness that has eluded her until now.