Pecadora - English Trailer

In the eyes of the world, Luz María is a successful psychologist who earns enough money to support her family and pay her younger sister’s tuition at an expensive boarding school. In reality, Luz Marina works as a dancer at a second-rate night club. Although she did study psychology in college, she was forced to drop out when her father died to care for her siblings.

Ashamed to admit her real occupation, Luz María has managed to deceive everyone around her, keeping a low profile and few friends. But when she meets Bruno, her secret life becomes a burden that will ultimately destroy her happiness.

An honest businessman from a prominent family, Bruno believes he has not only fallen in love with the perfect woman but a woman who also has the professional background to help him overcome the emotional trauma he has suffered due to the mysterious disappearance of his twin brother many years ago. The last thing he imagines is the surprise that awaits him concerning this ideal woman he thinks he has found.

Bruno’s girlfriend Samanta, jealous and bitter because he ended their relationship after meeting Luz María, connives with her evil father Genaro and Bruno’s own mother, Angela –who has squandered the fortune she inherited from her husband and wants Bruno to marry the wealthy Samanta–, doing everything possible to separate Bruno and Luz María. After subjecting Luz María to countless humiliations, they discover her true profession and cruelly expose her to Bruno as a liar and a sinner.

From that moment on, Luz María must fight the toughest battle of her life to convince Bruno that she is not the cold-hearted gold digger he believes her to be and that her love for him is true.

To complicate matters even more, Bruno’s twin brother, whom everyone believes is dead, coincidentally appears in Luz María’s life as one of the night club’s steady clients, and also falls in love with her. Bernardo knows and loves her as “Lucecita” the dancer, and has no memory of his prior life or his family

A unique love triangle emerges, with Luz María caught between  two brothers: the one she loves, who despises her, and the one who loves her unconditionally.

Shot in spectacular locations throughout Miami, Florida, this Venevision International production features an all-star cast in a universally enthralling story.