Gabriel's Family Tree


El Arbol de Gabriel Eng Trailer

He is the most popular television personality and hosts the highest rated variety show in the country. But all of his fame and fortune are of no use to him when he is diagnosed with a serious illness that is fatal unless he receives a transplant. Gabriel Leon’s life depends on finding a donor, but it must be a direct relative. The problem is, he has no immediate family.

Years ago, when Gabriel was younger and not as prosperous, he donated to several sperm banks throughout the city. So, with his life at stake, he embarks on a frantic quest to find his potential biological children. A quest that will bring five extraordinary women into his life: Magdalena, Nayarí, Valentina, Brenda, and Ana Belén.

While searching for the lifeline he so desperately needs, Gabriel finds true love with Magdalena.  However, there are more obstacles to overcome, as both are trapped in failed marriages to the wrong persons.

Meanwhile, the newly added branches to Gabriel’s family tree drastically change his life, values and priorities.  The unforgettable lessons he learns will touch the hearts of viewers across the globe.