My Ex Wants Me


Mi Ex Me Tiene Ganas - English Trailer

Three friends live in a cosmopolitan city: Pilar, Miranda and Soledad.

When Pilar's ex suddenly reappears proclaiming his love for her, she is in complete shock because he left her pregnant and alone in the middle of the expressway. The possibility of rekindling that flame does not even cross her mind. Miranda is a model who accidentally runs into her ex-husband.  Now married to a multimillionaire, she misses her ex’s unbridled passion and must resist the strong tempations he brings her. And Soledad, a divorcée burdened with endless household chores, also runs into her ex lover who is now a model promising to break her of her monotinous life.

Three women who rediscover the men who once brought them heartache but now bring them the promise of happiness. 

Amid the love stories, this is also the story of three friends who seem to have their lives on track until one of them becomes involved in a missing person case. As they investigate the mystery surrounding the disapperance, the course of their destiny changes completely. 

My Ex Wants Me is a romantic comedy with a touch of mystery.  A different kind of story where  romance, suspense, drama and comedy intertwine.  Three friends, three lives, three exes and one single purpose: to be reborn from the ashes of a long lost love.