Poor Millionaire


Pobre Millonaria English Trailer

Poor Millionaire tells the enthralling story of a reluctant heiress whose seemingly ideal life becomes tangled in betrayal and intrigue.

Isabela, the sole daughter of multimillionaire Fernando Andres Del Castillo, the owner of one of the country’s largest international commerce consortiums called Triton, is destined to inherit an immense fortune along with the thriving family business even though she isn’t interested in business, or money or her rank in society. She is an introvert, a loner, spending most of her time hiding from life at her family’s ranch. The reason being that despite her exceptional intelligence, she has always felt terribly inadequate and unworthy because her father has spent her whole life comparing her –very unfavorably– to her “perfect” mother, Amanda, who passed away during childbirth.

Concerned about the future of his trade empire, Fernando Andrés forces Isabela to take a job at the company in order to familiarize herself with the business that will one day be hers. And it is there where she meets the man who will bring love and heartbreak into her empty life.

Luis Arturo Ramírez is the logistics manager for Triton. A likeable and handsome man, he's dated many girls but always avoids commitment. After having an unpleasant misunderstanding with the new employee, who turns out to be the owner’s daughter, he tries to make it up to her by offering to be her guide and friend while she gets used to her new job. Isabela feels an instant attraction to Luis Arturo, and welcomes his help.

Events take a dramatic turn when Andres becomes bewitched by the ambitious young woman, Damiana, Isabela’s cousin. The conniving Damiana, also involves Luis Arturo in her plan, which is to gain control of the De Castillo fortune; either by having Luis Arturo seduce Isabela or by she seducing Fernando Andres.

While playing this dangerous game, Luis Arturo truly falls in love with Isabela, unleashing Damiana’s fury, as she herself has fallen for Luis Arturo. When he tries to make amends by telling Isabela the truth, it is too late because Damiana beat him to Isabela. Fueled by pain and humiliation, Isabela finally takes the reigns of her life and transforms herself into a stunning, powerful woman determined to win everyone’s respect… and to confront Luis Arturo with new confidence and strength.