A Husband for Estela


Un Esposo Para Estela English Trailer

Left waiting at the altar on her wedding day, Estela Morales feels that she has nothing left to live for. So she goes on her pre-paid honeymoon, completely alone, with the intent to end her life. However, events take an unexpected turn on the beautiful island of Curaçao. Estela meets a charming man, and without revealing their real names, they share a night of unforgettable tenderness and passion.

What could have turned into a promising romance becomes only a troubling memory, because when Adriano Alberti wakes up the next morning, he finds that Estela is gone… and so is the priceless necklace that had been locked away in the safe of his bedroom. The heir to a hotel empire, Adriano was keeping the family heirloom as a favor to his mother.

Adriano reports the theft to the police, but has no idea as to the identity of the mysterious woman he blames. At the same time Estela, innocent of the crime, waits for him at their agreed meeting place, but he never shows.  Upon her return home, Estela faces bigger problems. She’s running out of money and will soon lose her home, the modest ranch she inherited from her father. She recently found out that her mother, who abandoned them many years ago to pursue a career as a designer in New York City, has left her a small fortune that could end all her troubles, but there’s a catch: in order to claim the money, Estela must be married.

Out of desperation, she places an ad in the newspaper, looking for “a discreet man for a temporary job.” The job is none other than becoming her husband until the inheritance is hers.

Meanwhile, Adriano hires a private detective to find the young woman who stole his heart and, as he believes, the necklace as well, although she had nothing to do with the theft. When he is told that she is looking for a husband, he shows up at the ranch to apply for the “job” and to determine whether or not she committed the theft. But what he finds is a simple, honest, intelligent, down to earth woman with an extraordinary sense of humor, who’s passionately committed to saving her home and family... a woman who’s the complete opposite of his frivolous ex-wife, Jennifer… a unique woman who will ultimately teach him what true love really is.