Soñar No Cuesta Nada - English Trailer

From a penniless immigrant to a millionaire heiress, Emilia Olivares undergoes this drastic transformation not by a stroke of luck nor by the magic in fairytales, but through an evil scheme that traps her in a web of lies and deceit. And so, what began as simple dream for a young woman turned into a terrible nightmare that changed her life forever.

As an illegal immigrant in the United States, Emilia has few options. In order to help support her family, she is forced to work as a maid. However, her situation does not prevent her from dreaming of a better life. Beautiful, sweet and noble in spirit, Emilia one day meets the man who could make her dreams come true: Felipe Reyes.

Intimidated by the fact that Felipe is very rich, and ashamed of her social standing, Emilia does not reveal her true identity, but rather becomes a mystery to the young man. After just a few dates, they fall in love but she decides to disappear without a trace from his life.

Fate will bring them face to face again when Emilia becomes entrapped in a complicated lie. Coerced by her greedy mistress, Roberta Lizalde, Emilia assumes the identity of Roberta’s stepdaughter, Andrea, who is confined to her bed with a terminal illness. Andrea's deceased father, Roberta's late husband, left her as his only heir to his fortune under the condition that she lives to be 24 years old. If she is to die before her 24th birthday, everything will go to charity. Seeing as Andrea has very little time left to live, Roberta wickedly manipulates Emilia into taking Andrea's place so that she can give Roberta control of the inheritance.

Now, pretending to be Andrea, Emilia meets Felipe once again, and the budding love they once shared rekindles into a fire of passion. But reality catches up to  Emilia soon enough, as Felipe’s viciously jealous girlfriend, Monica, sets out to uncover her rival’s deception, opening Felipe’s eyes to Emilia’s true identity. From then on, Emilia faces a turbulent succession of events that lead her story to a completely unexpected ending.