Natalia del Mar - English Trailer

Set against the backdrop of the most breathtaking Caribbean beaches, Natalia tells a moving story of love, hate, injustice, and triumph.

The beautiful, goodhearted Natalia has grown up in the utmost poverty, wearing hand-me-down clothes and deprived of practically everything, including an education.  When her mother dies, she goes to live with her grandfather in the quaint coastal town of Playa Esperanza, where she encounters her childhood love, Luis Manuel Moncada.  Reunited now as adults, Luis Manuel and Natalia discover that their feelings for each other are still very much alive, despite the enormous social differences between them. 

Luis Manuel is a sophisticated, highly educated young man from one of the two most wealthiest families in town.  The Moncadas and the Uzcáteguis have been bitter enemies for years, but now they are ready to put their hatred aside and make a pact that will financially benefit everyone.  As a part of that pact, Luis Manuel must marry the selfish and conceited Perla Uzcátegui.

While Luis Manuel does everything in his power to avoid the marriage, he finds that there is too much at stake for his family, making it impossible for him to refuse.  The news of the wedding shatters Natalia’s dreams and marks the beginning of a long, painful journey of humiliation and abuse at the hands of the deeply jealous Perla.  To complicate matters even more, Adolfo Uzcátegui, Perla’s father, falls for Natalia and is determined to make her his wife.

A secret from the past creates an unexpected turn of events that will change everything for Natalia. Bringing her not only fortune and power but also the opportunity to fight, on equal terms, for the love of Luis Manuel.