An Unlikely Countess


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Ana Paula Treviño dreams of becoming a Hollywood star and marrying Aníbal Paz-Soldán, the country’s most desirable bachelor. She knows the first goal is practically impossible, but the second… why not?

Although she comes from a totally different world than her idol, this poor but cheerful young woman believes that dreams can come true with a little bit of luck and ingenuity…

Perhaps as a reward for so much optimism, life gives Ana Paula the opportunity she has been longing for: to establish contact with the millionaire Paz-Soldán family. One afternoon, after being involved in an incident with a thief on the street, she unwittingly mistakes a witness, Fernando Paz-Roldán, for the attacker… unaware that this innocent bystander is actually the brother of Aníbal, the man of her dreams.

Kind and simple, Fernando is impressed with Ana Paula’s beauty and charm, and instead of being angry because she accuses him of stealing, he feels an enormous attraction to her. When he discovers she’s poor and must work to help her father, who owns a modest boarding house full of debts, he decides that to win her heart on his own –without the influence of his name and fortune– the best thing to do is hide his true identity. So he tells her that he works at the Paz-Roldán corporation, leaving out the fact that his family owns the company.

While a warm and loving friendship develops between Fernando and Ana Paula, she can’t stop thinking about the man of her dreams, Aníbal, whom  she sees in the local paper… not realizing that he is now closer to her than ever. Unlike Fernando, Aníbal is arrogant and conceited, and would never look twice at a girl like Ana Paula. The only way she is able to catch his attention is because of a misunderstanding: one day, he mistakes her for Catalina Lampedusa, an Italian aristocrat known as the Countess of Cogorno.

And so begins a risky adventure that puts Ana Paula on the road to getting her most cherished wish. Embracing the lucky mix-up with as much shrewdness as audacity, she pretends to be the Countess in order to conquer Aníbal’s heart. But on the way to achieving her dream, she’ll have to face Adriana, Aníbal’s lover, who is determined to expose her… and ultimately, her own feelings as well—because she’ll come to realize that her real “Prince Charming” was always at her side: the loyal and goodhearted Fernando. But will it be too late?

Amidst comedic entanglements, unique characters and intense dramatic moments, the Fernando-Ana Paula-Aníbal triangle unfolds against the beautiful  scenery of the Dominican Republic.