Mysteries Of Love


Los Misterios del Amor - English Trailer

Francica Naranjo is in love with Juan Andrés Román, owner and director of the hospital where she works as a nurse. She knows that this romance is just an impossible dream. Juan Andrés does not even know that she exists, he has yet to look at her twice. However, things are about to change. By a twist of fate, Juan Andrés meets a modest taxi driver named Jason Martínez who, while having absolutely no relation to Juan Andrés, is his exact double. For personal reasons, Juan Andrés hires Jason to take his place at the hospital one afternoon. And it is Jason, impersonating Juan Andrés, who instantly falls for Francisca. The moment he sees her, he is sure he has met the love of his life.

What seemed like a game meant to last just a few hours turns into a never ending nightmare for Juan Andrés, who is forced to disappear due to a series of unexpected circumstances, leaving Jason in his place indefinitely. Jason is now suddenly thrown into a life that does not belong to him, with responsibilities he is not equipped to handle. Meanwhile, Francisca thinks she has finally won Juan Andrés’s heart, when it is actually Jason who is courting her and she is destined for heartache as events begin to unfold.

At the same hospital work two other women who are going through similar experiences where love and mystery intertwine. Dr. Maricruz Fernández is approached by a stranger, Gabriel Acosta, who tells her that her husband and his wife are lovers. At first, Maricruz rejects Gabriel, but as they get to know each other, she realizes that, unfortunately, he is telling the truth. However, neither one of them can or wants to get a divorce. Instead, they console each other, trying to find a solution to their shared problem, and ultimately fall in love.

The other woman is Deborah Salazar, an attractive 45 year-old who arrives in the city after living abroad for many years, and is hired as the hospital’s new manager. But there is something strange about this woman- mysterious and seductive at the same time. She immediately attracts Dr. Emilio Pimentel, Francisca’s boss, a rough man who lives life with a good dose of cynicism. Deborah soon tries to get close to Francisca, something that is not coincidental but neither Francisca nor Dr. Pimentel suspect Deborah's true intentions.

Set in a hospital emergency room, a medical case is presented each week. Combined with comedy and drama, hope and human suffering, The Mysteries of Love presents the stories of these three women in a fast-paced and lively manner. Amid all of the passion and surmounted obstacles, these three women prove that the mysteries of love always prevail in the end.