For a Lifetime


La Vida Entera - Englisn Trailer

As “Kotufa” and Salvador get to know one another. a romance begins to flourish, although the two couldn’t be any more different. He loves red meat, she’s a vegetarian. He likes the beach, she prefers mountains. Weary of men who only fall for her beauty, Kotufa longs for a lasting relationship, while Salvador is a commitment phobic who clings to his freedom. In short, they have practically nothing in common except their love of journalism and a growing passion that they just can’t seem to control. 

Things become even more complicated when Salvador’s charming uncle, Cristóbal Duque, also falls in love with Kotufa. Also, Salvador’s current lover, the sensual Laly Falcón, devises her own plans to get Kotufa out of the way in order to have Salvador all to herself. 

A fresh and lighthearted telenovela, For a Lifetime, is set in the editorial offices of “Exquisita,” a bestselling women’s magazine owned by Salvador’s father, publishing mogul Napoleón Duque, and whose demanding editor-in-chief is his stepmother, Olimpia. The office, where Kotufa is an intern and Salvador is a chief writer, viewers will get to know the glamorous and often cutthroat world of magazine publishing, while exploring the complex personal and professional relationships that develop between the story’s many colorful characters.