Salvador: A Knockout Lover


Salvador De Mujeres - English Trailer

He’s a champion, both in the ring and in the bedroom.  But can he win the heart of the one woman he truly loves?

Salvador “The Tiger” Valdez’s boxing career is at its height when fate decides to deal him a devastating blow.  Unwilling to sign with a mafia kingpin who rigs fights, he becomes the victim of a ruthless plot and not only loses the national title but is also suspended from boxing for ten years.  

Now he must find another source of income in order to keep his family from financial ruin.  The solution appears unexpectedly.  Josefina Alvarez, the beautiful, sophisticated, and powerful owner of the gym where he now works, makes Salvador an indecent proposal.  Faced with serious financial problems, he has no other choice but to accept. 

And so, reluctantly, the champion goes from fighting in the ring to winning in the bedroom.  As a paid escort for rich but unsatisfied women, Salvador discovers he has the uncanny ability to sense what his clients want and need.  With a simple touch, a tender look, a gentle word, he makes them feel desired, beautiful, and most of all, special.  No one can beat Salvador Valdéz at the sport of conquering women. 

Ironically enough, the only woman he truly wants to conquer is Josefina’s daughter, Socorro, a conceited beauty queen who is too wrapped up in her own life—she is trapped in a failed marriage— to pay attention to Salvador, who she considers coarse and very much beneath her.  But her attitude will change over time. While Salvador concentrates on winning Socorro’s heart, Josefina begins to fall in love with her creation.  Inevitably, mother and daughter will become contenders for the love of this extraordinary man, unintentional savior of lonely women, and wronged champion, determined to defeat injustice and regain his rightful place in the boxing world.