Separated by Love follows the story of a young woman, Sol, who leaves her country home for the city in search of a better life, without a glimpse of all the threats and dangers that await her.  She falls in love with Alejand

A program geared towards the youngest in the household that will educate, inform and entertain them while simultaneously encouraing children to use their intelligence and creativity to discover the world around them in the areas of science, the arts, music, literature, and sports.

In Bogotá, a city where the majority of inhabitants are unaware of the work done by the fire department, a group of young men and women begin "Class 29" in hopes of becoming professional firefighters. Each has a different idea about

A descriptive tale of the most successful and difficult rescue operation of guerrilla captives ever done, with impressive recreations of the events and interviews with key participants.

Painful events in 1948 drastically changed the history of Colombia for the remaining of the 20th Century. Bogota, the capital, was preparing to receive the delegations for the IX Pan-American Conference, which later on became the OEA.

Five fast paced and visually incredible documentaries about the biggest and more daunting new construction projects in China.
  • Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge
  • Shangai Tower
  • Beijing Underground Network
  • The Giant Offshore Wind Turbine

A fascinating music documentary about the similarities between two types of music genres known today as salsa and reggaeton and how they both fall under the rhythm of La Clave.

The internationally acclaimed star, Sara Baras performs flamenco in its most authentic form. This documentary, filmed in the cities of Basel, Madrid and Cadiz, not only to commemorates this great performer of flamenco, but also to reveal the woman behind the star.

It’s an adrenaline-packed series full of incredible Kung Fu battles, showcasing masters of Shaolin Kung Fu.  A Buddhist named Zhiyuan, along with his daughter and six disciples, each a master of a unique Kung fu skill, fight against the Emperor’s tyranny.  Conists of

The unknown story behind the FARC is told by exploring the life and work of their deceased founder and leader through interviews with both his worst enemies and his most fervent admirers.