Secret Love


Amor Secreto - English Trailer

Irene is the perfect secretary, a dream come true for any executive: intelligent, efficient, and absolutely reliable. But despite her impressive skills, she’s an introverted young woman with low self-esteem, which leads her to believe that she is not attractive to men. This personal insecurity has made her focus intensely on her work, driven by a strong desire to achieve professional success.   

As time goes by, and almost without realizing it, Irene falls in love with her boss, Leonardo Ferrandiz, a millionaire widower who is raising his five children on his own and is far too busy to notice his secretary’s feelings.

Irene’s secret love, and her profound sense of responsibility, will make her do many things –and put up with many others– to make Leonardo happy… Like, for example, play the role of substitute mother for his kids and solve countless problems, not only at the office but also at the Ferrandiz mansion.   

With her loyalty and dedication, Irene will gradually earn her boss’s admiration as well as the respect and affection of his children. And in the process, her experiences will help her become a different woman, more confident and assertive, capable of winning Leonardo’s love.

There will be many obstacles along the way, however, adding a good dose of suspense to this heart-warming story. When it seems like Irene is finally realizing all her dreams,  the malicious schemes of an unscrupulous woman will make her lose everything, including her credibility and even her freedom. Will it be possible for Irene to vindicate herself and regain the support of those she loves most?   

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