Separated by Love


Separated by Love follows the story of a young woman, Sol, who leaves her country home for the city in search of a better life, without a glimpse of all the threats and dangers that await her.  She falls in love with Alejandro, not knowing that he is the son of the evil woman who swindled her parents and had them killed when she was only a baby, and is now prepared to lash out at Sol to destroy her and take her away from the love of her life forever.

Over time, and thanks to a twist of fate, Sol returns, rich and successful, to take revenge on all those who did her wrong and to recover everything that is rightfully hers.  But revenge will not be easy, or without sacrifice, especially when she has to face the only man she has ever loved.  Ultimately, a web of chronic dramatics, allegedly unrelated, will mesh perfectly together to put in motion a network of synchronized events that will lead Sol to doubt the truth of her past and lose perception of her future, and make it difficult for her to distinguish between good and evil… love and betrayal.