Millionaire Maid is the best!  She is an astounding black woman a little over 40, has a grown son who was raised in Colombia and has had her fair share of unsuccessful marriages.

This is the story of six women who live in a country where many strive to become what men dream of: the perfect woman. To that end, these women will do anythng: plastic surgery, exercises, diets, Botox.

The Marta Susana show is a Spanish language talk show that will uplift, enlighten, encourage and entertain viewers.  The program will use television to renovate peoples’ lives, to help viewers see themselves in a different way and to bring happiness and a sense of ach

"My Loved Girl" is a youthful, fresh and dynamic miniseries that is developed in a School of Arts that funge as frame of a love history and adventure of young artists: Salserin and Diany, Diany Angels and its friends.