Millionaire Maid


Tomasa Te Quiero English Trailer

Millionaire Maid is the best!  She is an astounding black woman a little over 40, has a grown son who was raised in Colombia and has had her fair share of unsuccessful marriages. At this stage in her life, she has the mentality that it’s better to be alone than in bad company.  Even though she has made a great effort, she has not yet been able to find a good companion.

Tomasa is a simple woman to whom extraordinary things will happen.  Two million dollars will fall from heaven after her bosses’ death. From one day to the next, she is going to discover the effect that money has on people, for better or worse. Those people who used to look at her with indifference will suddenly smile and say “good morning,” the man who never before noticed her, will discover that she exists. Rather, that her and her bank account exist. 

But don’t be fooled, this woman will not allow her character to falter by the misfortunes that money brings. No Sir! Dancing to the beat of her own drum, she will take on the challenges she must now face, as a few dollars will not turn Tomasa into a feeble woman.

Ramon Tequiero, her only son, is her greatest pride and her reason for living. Being unable to raise him herself has left a deep thorn in her heart that she just can't seem to remove. One day, much to her surprise, she opens the door only to find her son, now a grown man, with plans to start a new life in Caracas. Even more so, she never would have imagined her son falling for Fabiana, her late boss’ daughter who she raised and who is now engaged to another man.

Tomasa is a woman of principles.  She has a few basic certainties in her life: that it’s bad to steal, that lies are short-lived, and married men are ruled by their wives.  The issue is that her heart will betray her with the wrong man. A married man, but much worse, a gambler.  Despite the obvious, Tomasa will fall under Severo Bustamante’s trap; a man plagued by deceit, debts and his pathological infatuation with the roulette.

Although consumed with her love life, Tomasa must still oversee the love lives of the young ones in a motherly manner. Fabiana, who is now involved with Tomasa’s son, has a history of lies and misbehavior. Then there is Miguelina and Jorge, two young teens that adore one another and are the epitome of love, with the exception of one problem: they are cousins.

Throughout this journey, this family will have to learn to overcome many obstacles: scarcity, wealth, love, hate, jealousy, laughter, and fear.  One way or another, they will all come realize that money is not everything.  This is a story about love and greed.