The Perfect Woman


La Mujer Perfecta Trailer Ingles

This is the story of six women who live in a country where many strive to become what men dream of: the perfect woman. To that end, these women will do anythng: plastic surgery, exercises, diets, Botox. Others, however, don't even bother to try. But more importantly, this is a story about different kinds of love, the role of vanity, social exclusion, ambition, fame and its misconceptions, ego worship, and family as a support system. 

Micaela Gómez holds the unusual record of never having fallen in love. When she meets Santiago Reverón, a well-known plastic surgeon who goes by Dr. Botox, she feels the stirrings of love for the first time. Micaela suffers from a type of autism called Asperger’s Syndrome. But she has yet to discover this. Her other big obstacle is be Gala Moncada, Dr. Botox’s wife and a legendary actress who is considered the most desired woman in the country.

Eva Gómez lived the dream of participating in the Miss Venezuela pageant. But after all of the glamour faded, she was forgotten. Now she works at a modeling agency and her only source of happiness is her marriage to Nené López, a national soccer star. Polanco, a finance magnate, is determined to have her for himself. His best defesne? Every woman has a price. 

The popular Shirley dreams of being adored by the masses. But her precarious talent has left her invisible. Shirley’s scheming aunt tries to match her with a millionaire who will take her away from her poor neighborhood. But Shirley will soon discover that love lies in the ordinary Lucho Montilla, a hostile speech professor whom Shilrley initially hated at first sight.

Lucía Reverón says she wants to be a top model, but nobody really knows her true ambitions. One day she will meet a man three times her age: Guillermo Toro, a brilliant psychologist. And much to their surprise, they fall desperately in love. The problem is not only their abysmal age difference, but the fact that this man was her mother’s greatest love 25 years ago. So Lucía will have no choice but to face her mother and the rest of the world.

Carolina Toro wants to be perfect. She'll try anything. From Asian pills to Russian laxativse to the latest Swedish diet. Married to Beto Pimentel, she falls head over heels for Daniel Sanabria her plastic surgeon and the husband of Renata Volcán, who happens to be her teacher at the modeling agency. Carolina runs the risk of becoming what she detests most in life: a mistress. 

This is the story of these women, and of the men in their lives, who either love or hate them. And it is also the story of a country where being the perfect woman has become a national obsession.