Cisneros Media Distribution Presents “Leyendas”, a Package of Classic Telenovelas

Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) today announced it will present a portfolio of iconic and emblematic telenovelas under a promotional package entitled “Leyendas” [Legends] at the upcoming international market MIPCOM 2015, which takes place in Cannes, France, from October 5th to the 8th.

“These renowned classic telenovelas included in the ‘Leyendas’ package became part of so many Latin Americans’ lives, at the time.  Some aired for almost a year, entering viewers’ homes day after day as the protagonists were transformed into members of their family, the antagonists their enemies, the traumas their everyday struggles, and the beautiful stories of true love and perseverance their fantasies and dreams,” stated Marcello Coltro, EVP, Content Distribution, Cisneros Media.  “What’s more, each of these great productions made an important contribution to the growth and scope of the Latin soap opera in the television industry around the world.”

The celebrated titles contained in the “Leyendas” package and the stars who made them famous are listed below:

  • “Las Amazonas” (1985) 105x60’: Eduardo Serrano, Hilda Carrero & Miriam Ochoa
  • “Alba Marina” (1988) 102x60’: Karina & Xavier Serbia
  • “La Revancha” (1989) 247x60’: Victor Cardenas & Rosalinda Serfaty
  • “Pasionaria” (1990) 254x60’: Fernando Carrillo, Catherine Fulop, Henry Galue & Yolanda Méndez
  • “Mundo de Fieras” (1991) 239x60’: Jean Carlo Simancas, Rosalinda Serfaty, Catherine Fulop & Chelo Rodríguez
  • “Ka Ina” (1995) 164x60’: Jean Carlo Simancas, Viviana Gibelli & Hilda Abrahamz
  • “El Pais de las Mujeres” (1998) 188x60’: Victor Cámara, Ana Karina Manco, Aroldo Betancourt, Miguel Angel Landa & Gustavo Rodriguez

“’Leyendas’ is a package of lovely classic telenovelas that impacted a generation of Latinos when they were originally aired years ago, and today they provide a world of nostalgia for those same audiences, as well as for a new generation of viewers.  But most importantly, they represent an ideal and cost effective product for our clientele, providing them with proven programming and greater return on their investment, especially considering the number of episodes contained in these productions,” stated Helen Jurado, Vice President of Sales of Cisneros Media Distribution.  “The catalogue has already been well received by our customers, and we haven’t even presented it at MIPCOM.”