Cisneros Media Distribution Presents its Programming Proposal for the Upcoming L.A. Screenings

Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) today announced its programming proposal for the L.A. Screenings that showcases its original programming, such as Luis Fernández’s dramatic series, “El Sexo Sentido” [The Sex Sense], and Mónica Montañés’ serienovela “Para Verte Mejor” [Just Looking], in addition to the Raishbrook brothers’ chilling reality clips series, “XRC” and “SHÄK,” and the products from its creative content unit Mobius.Lab Productions that include the children’s educational program “Súper Genios” [Super Genius], the news special “End of Days,” and the documentary series “La Llama de la Pasión” [The Flame of Passion].

“As is customary, we will mark the beginning of the L.A. Screenings with the traditional Opening Cocktail on Tuesday, May 17th, in the Patio & Glass Lounge of the InterContinental Hotel Los Angeles.  On this occasion, we will be accompanied by the Raishbrook brothers, the real ‘nightcrawlers’ of Los Angeles who risk their lives to provide the striking images featured in the hit TV series ‘XRC,’ which has sold in multiple regions of the world, as the United States, Africa and Asia,” stated Marcello Coltro, Executive Vice President, Content Distribution of Cisneros Media.  “As a result of the resounding success of ‘XRC,’ we will be launching during the second semester of this year a version in HD, titled ‘SHÄK,’ a co-production with RMG News that will soon make its debut in the United States.”

Spearheading Cisneros Media Distribution’s programming proposal for the L.A. Screenings is the serienovela “Para Verte Mejor,” a CMD and Venevision co-production written by Mónica Montañés.  This new editable format presents clients with the opportunity to broadcast the entire story as a 120-episode telenovela or a series of five seasons of 24 episodes.  The story’s structure has been adapted for the digital world, enabling binge-watching with faster scenes, more dynamic and shorter dialogues, and fewer characters and sub-traumas.

Another highlight is the dramatic series, “El Sexo Sentido,” an original story by Luis Fernández being produced at Cisneros Studios that presents four couples on the verge of break-up and their struggles to stay together.  

In addition, the Cisneros Media Distribution team will be presenting a line of products produced by Mobius.Lab Productions, the CMD creative unit that provides content solutions tailored to clients’ needs and specifications in any genre, format and language, utilizing Getty Images’ extensive library of images, videos and music with rights for all platforms.  The line-up includes “End of Days,” the news special that captures the terrorist group ISIS’s global impact; “Súper Genios,” an educational and entertaining program based on the principal guidelines of preschool and elementary school education for the FCC E/I seal; and "La Llama de la Pasión,” the Olympic special that can aired as six episodes of 30 minutes or 50 2-minute capsules, featuring the best and most important moments of the Olympic Games, from its beginnings to today.