Peace Point Rights and Cisneros Media Distribution Announce Distribution Agreement for Multiple International Territories

Peace Point Rights and Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) announce an agreement that will see Peace Point as the exclusive distributor for CMD’s unscripted titles in multiple international territories.  Initial titles include the news special End of Days, children’s educational series Super Genius, celebrity entertainment series Talk the Walk, Olympic documentary series Flame of Passion, and the reality series’ SHÄK and XRC.  The agreement was arranged by Julie Chang, Senior Vice President of Business Affairs and Acquisitions for Peace Point Rights, and Marcello Coltro, Executive Vice President, Content Distribution for Cisneros Media.

The agreement covers exclusive distribution rights in Canada, UK, France, Monaco, Andorra, French-speaking Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Baltics, Balkans, CIS, Australia and New Zealand.

“Cisneros Media Distribution’s catalogue holds exceptional content with exciting series that cross borders and entertain all audiences.  We are delighted to partner with CMD to bring their content to multiple territories worldwide,” said Les Tomlin, President Peace Point Entertainment.

“As Cisneros Media Distribution new creative content business unit Mobius.Lab Productions builds up its diverse library of high-quality programming with multi-platform rights, greatly increasing our audience reach in several regions of the world, we are now expanding into markets and countries where our previous library was not relevant to local media outlets.  Today, thanks to Mobius.Lab’s global genres and formats, such as ‘Super Genius,’ ‘End of Days,’ ‘Shäk,’ and ‘Talk the Walk’, to mention a few of our hottest productions, we are able to enlist and cater to a wide range of new clients in a variety of languages, and Peace Point’s expertise and relationships are key in securing the successful placement of this catalog in these markets,” said Cisneros Media’s Marcello Coltro.

End of Days (4 x 30’) delves into the details of an international crisis: the threat of the Islamic State.  The terrorists of the army, also known as ISIS or DAESH, have declared war upon all those who do not share their same mindset.  They are determined to bring mankind to the ‘end of days,’ if we don’t do something to prevent them.  Produced by Mobius.Lab Productions.

Super Genius (104 x 30’) is a children's variety magazine that aims at strengthening their basic knowledge in the principal areas of learning, in a fun and educational way.  Thanks to Getty Images’ unique visual universe, children are able to travel through the most incredible content, such as: Science and Nature; Insects and Dinosaurs; Wild Animals and Pets; Trivia and Games; Art and Music; Cooking and Cuisine; and Language and Dialects.  Produced by Mobius.Lab Productions

Talk the Walk (13 x 30’) is a look at the evolution of different celebrities who achieved international recognition, analyzing their fashion style, career and personal choices including relationships, from the inception of their careers to the current days - what worked, what didn’t.  Produce by Mobius.Lab Productions, the series is also available in flexible formatted versions. 

Flame of Passion (6 x 30’) is an Olympic special that documents the atmosphere and behind the scene intricacies related to all the top level athletes and their journey to representing their country, and the road to achieving a gold medal.

XRC (6 seasons / 78 x 30’) Get ready for the most gripping, adrenaline-filled, nail biting reality footage available today.  Over thousands of hours of extreme video action, ranging from high-speed pursuits and violent gang shootouts to nerve-racking rescues, out-of-control fires and much more.  Captured on the spot by the fearless cameramen of RMG News, one of the world’s most successful news video gathering organizations, the exclusive XRC footage delivers thousands of provocative high octane images that you can’t find anywhere else.

SHÄK (2 seasons / 26 x 30’) presents countless fast-paced, incredible, real-life experiences.  Through astonishing footage, experience police chases, stakeouts and raids, extreme adventures, natural disasters, unbelievable scares and dangerous situations, that will leave you at the edge of your seat, pupils dilated, adrenaline rushing.  Once you have a shot of SHÄK, your heart won’t stop racing, it’ll run through your veins and you won’t be able to look away.