Cisneros Media Distribution Announces the Airing in Latin America of High Hill Entertainment’s “El Lado Humano de la Fama” on Telemundo Internacional Cable Network

Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) today announced the broadcast in Latin America of High Hill Entertainment’s “El Lado Humano de la Fama” [The Human Side of Fame] on Telemundo Internacional cable network on Sundays at 8 PM (Mex/Col/Vzla) / 10 PM (Arg).

“El Lado Humano de la Fama” is an inspirational show focused on popular Latin American celebrities, actors, actresses, singers, TV personalities, and entertainers who reveal their personal struggles and battles with life’s challenges during the peak of their fame.  The program showcases very personal and intimate interviews with guests who share their individual stories of how they successfully overcame certain conflicts and situations.

“Telemundo Internacional is fast becoming the preferred alternative for audiences in the region eager to enjoy high-quality content produced in Spanish.  The channel’s popularity is growing strong in several countries and it’s only expected to soar this year with the launch of inspirational shows like ‘El Lado Humano de la Fama,’ along with the super-series, telenovelas, variety shows, reality shows, and live music programs that are part of Telemundo Internacional’s unique programming offer,” assured Klaudia Bermudez-Key, SVP & General Manager of NBCUniversal International Networks.

“High Hill Entertainment has provided a unique and compelling production that engages audiences and resonates in a variety of target-audiences in the region by presenting the stories behind celebrities who are currently making entertainment history,” emphasized Marcello Coltro, Executive Vice President, Content Distribution of Cisneros Media.

“We are delighted with the airing of ‘El Lado Humano de la Fama’ on Telemundo Internacional, and I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Helen Jurado, our VP of Sales for Latin America, for finding the right outlet for such an outstanding production,” Coltro added, pointing out that Jurado, thanks to her experienced knowledge of the Latin American market, was key in identifying and facilitating the program’s placement on Telemundo Internacional cable network.

“El Lado Humano de la Fama” is the brainchild of veteran journalist, TV host and life coach Maria Elena Useche, who discovered through her many interviews that underneath all the glamour, every celebrity had a compelling personal story to tell, and she felt it was her moral duty to present them to help viewers identify with them, as they are living proof that life’s obstacles can be overcome.

The first season of “El Lado Humano de la Fama” (12 x 60’) features powerful interviews with Mexican actor and comedian Héctor Suárez; Venezuela actress Gaby Spanic; Hispanic actor Sebastían Ligarde; Mexican actress and politician Carmen Salinas; Fashion Designer Mitzy; transgender composer Felicia Garza; Puerto Rican boy band Menudo; Mexican comedian, actor, producer and director Fernando Arau; Mexican actress and singer Laura Flores; American record producer, songwriter, and musician A.B. Quintanilla III; Mexican actress, singer and dancer Laura Zapata; Mexican violinist, vedette and actress Olga Breeskin; Cuban transsexual television actress Cachita; Venezuelan actress, TV host, singer and beauty queen (Miss Universe 1996) Alicia Machado; Mexican actress, model and singer Ivonne Montero; priest, talk show host and author Padre Alberto Cutié; Mexican actor Héctor Soberón; Puerto Rican pop star Noelia; Mexican singer, musician and actor José José; Colombian actor Harry Geithner; and the late Mexican actress and singer Lorena Rojas.