Cisneros Media Distribution Announces the U.S. Premiere of the Telenovela “Rosario” on Estrella TV as Part of a Programming Output Deal

Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) today announced the premiere of the telenovela “Rosario” on Estrella TV, the Spanish-language network with broad national coverage, reaching more than 80% of Hispanic households in the United States.  The Alex Hadad novel will make its debut on Monday, February 1st, at 7:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM CST.

The broadcast of “Rosario” by Estrella TV is part of an output deal of more than 550 hours of programming that began this past year and includes such acclaimed CMD productions as “El Talisman” [The Talisman], written by Veronica Suarez, and “Amor Secreto” [Secret Love] by Cesar Sierra.

“We are convinced that the programming we produce will satisfy Estrella TV audience’s consumption habits.  What’s more, it’s been a real pleasure to work with their multi-functional team, maximizing everyone’s efforts to ensure the success of our products on their screen.  It’s a great pleasure to have Estrella TV as an ally in the United States,” stated Jonathan Blum, President of Cisneros Media.

“The agreement with Estrella TV is part of our strategy to enlist new clients and reach new outlets to ensure the presence of Cisneros Media studios’ original programming in the U.S. Hispanic market.  We are very pleased with CMD’s team efforts to meet Estrella TV’s needs, particularly the undertaking of the Vice President of Sales for United States and Mexico, Miguel Somoza, who’s up to the challenge of developing this competitive market,” added Marcello Coltro, EVP, Content Distribution, Cisneros Media.

Starring Itahisa Machado, Guy Ecker, and Lorena Rojas, “Rosario” was produced at Cisneros Studios’ state-of-the-art facilities in Miami, Florida, and centers on a young woman’s love for the man she never should have fallen for; the love of a man for the woman he swore he could never have feelings for; and the inner conflict of a mother who discovers that the man she almost married years ago is now in a romantic relationship with her own daughter.

The production features a stellar cast that also includes Zully Montero, Ezequiel Montalt, Natalia Ramirez, Sandra Itzel, Adrian Di Monte, Zuleyka Rivera, Aaron Diaz, Frances Ondiviela, and Scarlet Grouber.  Sergio Reynoso, Tina Romero, Alberto Salaberry, Rodrigo Vidal, Carlos Garin, Cristina Mason, Fabiola Barinas, Franklin Virguez, Liliana Morillo, and Gledys Ibarra complete the acting credits.

As part of the agreement with Estrella TV, Cisneros Media Distribution will provide Estrella TV with two additional programs during the next year, including the new telenovela currently in post-production, “Entre Tu Amor y Mi Amor” [Separated by Love], starring Daniel Elbittar and Rosmeri Marval.