“Roxanna”, the long-awaited variety show hosted by the multifaceted Roxanna Castellanos, premieres this Monday, August 24, on UniMás

Cisneros Studios, the U.S.-based production house of Cisneros Media and the leading independent producer of Hispanic content in the United States, today announced the premiere of the entertaining and new variety show of the renowned Mexican TV host, actress and comedian Roxanna Castellanos.  Simply entitled “Roxanna,” the daily show will make its debut this coming Monday, August 24, at 3 PM Eastern / 2 PM Central on UniMás.  What’s more, two of the week’s best episodes will re-air on its sister network, Univision, every Saturday at 3 PM Eastern / 2 PM Central.

“Roxanna” is produced by Cisneros Studios under the direction of its Executive Producer Hugo Devana and it combines celebrity interviews, contests, and musical performances with comedy sketches and monologues.  The amusing variety show contains hilarious situations instigated by the talented host’s multiple personalities, in addition to the participation of special guests and the typical discussions on current affairs and trending topics.

“It’s a program that allows me to be ‘me;’ where I’m able to express myself… they give me complete creative freedom, from the interviews to what I wear.  That’s why it’s title ‘Roxanna;’ It’s me!  If someone asks me what’s my favorite thing I do on the show, it would be comedy... the monologues, skits, and things that we do live... but let’s wait to see what the people have to say to find out what’s their favorite.”

“I am very nervous.  I’m looking forward to the premiere so people can tell us through social media, which is very important to us, what they want to see, what they like, what they don’t like... and even give us ideas.  It’s important for them to be entertained, to completely enjoy themselves, and want to come back to the show… That’s definitely my mission.”

As a TV host, Roxanna’s remarkable career includes work with Adal Ramones on “Otro Rollo,” participating on the morning show “Hoy,” as well as other stellar programs in her native Mexico, such as “La Parodia,” “Vecinos,” and “El Bar Provoca.”  She also was a star of the reality show “Big Brother, VIP Edition.”  Among her many accomplishments in show business, Roxanna has successfully ventured into theater, winning recognition for break-through performances, and she’s had starring roles in a number of telenovelas, including “Infierno en el paraíso,” “Primer amor... a mil por hora,” and “Alegrijes y rebujos.”