“La Revista De Zuleyka,” Hosted by the Multitalented Zuleyka Rivera, Premieres on Monday, July 27, on UniMás

Cisneros Studios, the U.S.-based production house of Cisneros Media and the leading independent producer of Hispanic content in the United States, today announced the premiere of “La Revista de Zuleyka” [Zuleyka’s Magazine] on the UniMás network.  This variety show, targeting today’s woman and hosted by the talented actress, model and entrepreneur Zuleyka Rivera, will make its debut on UniMás this Monday, July 27th, airing Monday through Friday at 12 PM EDT / 11 AM CDT.

Zuleyka Rivera brings her beauty, talent and Latin spark to television to present a TV magazine that’s fresh, young, informative, bold, dynamic, and always entertaining.  Covering an array of interesting topics for the contemporary woman, Zuleyka and her guest experts will talk about health and beauty, nutrition, diets, children, relationships, sexuality, entertainment, travel, fashion, and much, much more.  Every day there will be something new and fascinating to discover on “La Revista de Zuleyka.”

“The realization of this show is a blessing; it’s the product of all my work, struggles and life, itself, since I am putting all I have into every segment of ‘La Revista’... and the culmination of it all is to be able to share all of this with my television family and incorporate them into the program since the audience is able to participate in the topics that are discussed in the ’newsroom’ by sending their concerns and questions through social media,” stated the multitalented Zuleyka Rivera, highlighting the social page of “La Revista de Zuleyka.”

Under the direction of the renowned Executive Producer, Vladimir Perez, “La Revista de Zuleyka” is produced in one of the six modern and technically-advanced sound stages at the Cisneros Studios production complex located in the heart of Miami.

On this daily show, a variety of hot topics and subjects of interest to the Hispanic public in general are presented and discussed in a dynamic ‘newsroom’ setting.  “De todo un poco” [A Little Bit of Everything], “De mujer a mujer” [Woman to Woman], “Con todo gusto” [With Great Gusto], “Lo que ellas quieren saber” [What Women Want To Know], “Fashion,” “Confesiones entre amigas” [Confessions Among Friends], “Nuestro horóscopo” [Our Horoscope], “El caldero hirviente” [The Boiling Pot], and “El Bombazo” [The Bomb] are some of the sizzling segments in this fresh and entertaining program.

“La Revista de Zuleyka” also makes its debut in the Zuleyka’s homeland, Puerto Rico, on August 3rd, where it will air Monday through Friday at 3:00 PM on Univision.