Cisneros Media Distribution Presents Its Acclaimed Telenovelas Available in English at DISCOP Africa 2014

Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) is attending the international market DISCOP Africa 2014 to present its acclaimed telenovelas available in English, including its most recent production of “Cosita Linda” [Sweet Thing], the novela starring Christian Meier, Ana Lorena Sanchez, Zuleyka Rivera, and Pedro Moreno.

“With the digital migration of Africa’s television industry almost completed, the market has a vast potential, considering its expansive territory and dense population; we just had to be at DISCOP Africa,” emphasized Marcello Coltro, EVP, Content Distribution of Cisneros Media.  “Cisneros Media Distribution has been distributing programming on the African continent for more than a decade now, when we sold our first telenovela in Kenya, titled ‘La Mujer de Mi Vida’ [The Woman of My Life], and immediately Africa fell in love with the Latin American novela.  Since then, CMD has been offering new titles each year, and consequently, today it’s one of the distribution companies with the most available content in the market.”

Cisneros Media Distribution’s strategic focus on the African market led to the recent launch of the channel Romanza+Africa, a collaboration with Azteca that combines the companies’ catalogues of novelas in English, “and thanks to our excellent local partner, Africa XP, we are able to offer the channel practically without any limitations; which has made CMD one of the leading distributors of telenovelas in English in the region,” stressed Coltro.

In addition to “Cosita Linda”, CMD’s programming proposal for DISCOP Africa consists of the novelas “Valgame Dios” [The Love Curse], “Corazon Apasionado” [Passions of the Heart], “Sacrificio de Mujer” [A Woman’s Sacrifice], “Eva Luna,” and “Alma Indomable” [Untamed Soul]; as well as an assortment of series from independent producers to meet the content needs of the African territories, including “Hacienda Heights,” “Futbologia” [Inside Football], “Reino Animal” [Animal Atlas], and “Mi Vida en Sayulita” [My Life in Sayulita], just to name a few.

DISCOP Africa is held from the 5th to the 7th of November at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Cristobal Ponte, Cisneros Media Distribution’s exclusive representative, will be at Stand S-03.