Cisneros Media Distribution Presents the Striking New Series “XRC” (Xtreme Reality Clips) at MIPCOM 2014

Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) presents the striking new series “XRC” (Extreme Reality Clips) as part of its programming proposal for the international market MIPCOM 2014, which is currently taking place in Cannes, France, through October 16th.

“XRC” (13 x 30’) was created from a vast library of thousands of spectacular scenes, including high-speed pursuits, police shootouts, cliffhanging rescues, devastating fires, and so much more - news images and ‘reality clips’ captured live by the intrepid cameras of RMG News, one of the most prominent providers of news video in the world.  The series is currently available with English and Spanish narration; however the script can be adapted in any language.

“This series is comprised of real scenes that are completely shocking and electrifying, full of adrenaline; experiences never imagined,” stated Cesar Diaz, Vice President, Cisneros Media Distribution, which is located at exhibition stand P-1.G50 at the Palais des Festivals during the MIPCOM market.  “‘XRC' contains thousands of bold high-octane images that are simply not available in any other series.”

RMG News’ cameramen, led by Howard and Austin Raishbrook, owner and company director, have the world’s most dangerous job and risk their lives each night to capture unimaginable scenes on video.  The LA Times calls RMG News a “well-oiled news-gathering force.”

“It’s thrilling to be able to capture extreme news footage as it is happening; documenting the tragedies of life everyone wants to see, but all hope never happens to them, some even difficult to believe,” expressed Austin Raishbrook of RMG News.  “‘XRC’ is comprised of clips that are packed with real life stories of drama, action, danger and violence, but on the other hand, there’s captivating footage of courage, compassion, hope and triumph.  In essence, we’ve been able to capture the very elements of life itself, and the footage is exhilarating!”

With over 15 years of delivering high octane, adrenaline-filled news footage to television and cable networks across the world, and as a result the “XRC” series contains some of the most nail-biting footage ever seen.