Venevision Productions Marks the 'First Take' of Production of Its Tele-Series “Ruta 35, La Válvula De Escape”

Venevision Productions the Cisneros Media production company based in Miami, today celebrated the ‘Take One’ to mark the start of production of its new tele-series “Ruta 35, La Válvula de Escape,” a collaboration with Univision.

Accompanied by some of the top names in the Latin entertainment world, such as Zeus Mendoza, Julio Bracho, Osvaldo Benavides, Danna Garcia, Lucho Velazco, Mauricio Aspe, Miguel Rodarte, Isabel Moreno, Carolina Gómez and Paulo Quevedo, in addition to a line-up of important actors, executives from Cisneros Media and Univision Communications, Inc. participated in this morning’s event held at Venevision Studios’ modern and spacious facilities in the city of Miami.

“There’s great expectations with this new tele-series; we’ve been able to combine a great story with an exceptional cast and an impeccable direction,” emphasized Juan Carlos Sosa, EVP of Operations of Venevision Studios.

The executive producer of “Ruta 35,” Cristina Palacio, expressed the same confidence in the success of the project: “My experience in producing tele-series along with Venevision Studios’ know-how and modern production facilities in Miami is a valuable combination that surely will be reflected on screen for audiences to appreciate.”

Alberto Ciurana, President of Programming and Content for Univision Communications, Inc., added: “We are pleased to once again work with our partners at Venevision Productions on this great production.  With an internationally renowned cast, state of the art technology and under the direction of celebrated producer Cristina Palacio, we will continue to deliver the best alternative programming in the U.S. to our audience.”

The production will feature three distinct production units that will operate simultaneously to develop this tele-series, which will be produced mostly on-location, in other words, the majority of scenes will be filmed throughout the city of Miami and its surrounding areas.  What’s more, innovative camera techniques and visual effects will be used to create the effects of a hidden-camera to transport viewers directly into the world of undercover informants and federal agents who operate in the realm of drug trafficking.

“Ruta 35, La Válvula de Escape” [Route 35, The Escape Valve] is narrated by Dylan Wilkins (Zeus Mendoza), an American federal agent of ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement), who has worked with a number of informants throughout his 20-year career, and always ended up getting involved in their lives.

One of his informants is Ms. Conchita Duarte (Isabel Moreno), a 75 year old woman who works at a shipping company with her friend, Rosana, who convinces her to take on a dangerous assignment: to transport 20 kilos of cocaine.  But things don’t turn out well for Mrs. Conchita and she is arrested by agent, Tim Owens (Paolo Quevedo) of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), who offers her not only an immunity but also the “Ruta 35” [Route 35], which turns her into an informant and accomplice, carrying the drugs to its final destination so that the federal agents can pursue the traffickers, in exchange she keeps a clean record.

Consequently, Rosana betrays her contact, Miguel Antencio, who then decides to also take part of the “Ruta 35.”  He is the right-hand man of the reputed Ruiz brothers, Rafael and Isidro, who head the Ruiz Cartel in Mexico, which is comprised of family members, such as Felipe Sanchez and his son, Domingo (Julio Bracho).  But Miguel is already an informant for Wilkins and his ICE partner, John Villalobos, who are investigating and trying to capture the Ruiz brothers, without knowledge that the DEA has the same objective.

Meanwhile, Cipriano Salazar, one of Wilkins’ oldest informants and, above all, friend, took the “Ruta 35” path a long time ago, avoiding drug trafficking charges.  Cipriano, an adrenaline junkie and work addict, was soon abandoned by his wife, Ximena, and their two daughters, because it became too dangerous for them to be associated with him.

Throughout this tele-series, viewers will see how these stories are related and interact in the complexity of this ‘escape route.’  The informants’ lives, as well of life of the main character, drastically change over the years.  What’s more, Wilkins ends up realizing he’s been a fool all along, giving up his life for a federal agency that turned out to be worse than the mafia, when he should have been dedicated, from the beginning, to being a private investigator, helping the mafia, as well, but from the other side.  But when all is said and done, what does it really matter whose side you’re on, when ultimately everyone answers to the same master.