“The Love Curse” Made Its Debut in Panama on TVN

Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) announced that “The Love Curse” [Valgame Dios], the captivating telenovela starring Eduardo Orozco, Sabrina Seara and Ricardo Alamo, made its debut in Panama this past 26th of March on the TVN network.

Produced by Venevision, the leading broadcaster in Venezuela, “The Love Curse” has been broadcasted throughout Ibero America with great results, including in such countries as Spain, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua; in addition to Canada.

According to the story written by Monica Montanes, exactly one hundred years ago, a curse was placed on the Lopez family that has since condemned all of its female members to eternal heartache.  The Lopez women are beautiful, intelligent, lively, kind and hardworking, but when it comes to romance, the curse always makes them go wrong.  The same thing inevitably happens: they are courted by two men, one who is a wonderful person in every respect, and one who is a cheating good-for-nothing.  And they always choose the one that will make them suffer.

This has been the case for a century, so when Yamilet Lopez (Sabrina Seara), the youngest woman in the family, decides that she’s fed up with loneliness and goes out determined to find a husband, her mother and grandmother become seriously worried that she’ll be a victim of ‘The Love Curse.’  And in fact, she is.  The day this story begins, Yamilet meets Ignacio Castillo (Eduardo Orozco), an excellent young man with a noble spirit and great qualities, who is obviously the right man for her.  But she also meets Jose Alberto Gamboa (Ricardo Alamo), a charming but sly player who has a wife, a lover and, in short, all it takes to make Yamilet miserable.  The tricky part is that she can’t tell which of the two is good and which is bad for her — and the curse she carries will drive her to make a very painful mistake.

The Lopez women hope this spell has an antidote; they know there must be a way to break it.  What they don’t know is that the solution depends on a secret kept by Marbelis Castillo, Ignacio’s mother, a woman everyone considers a saint but who, in reality, is an evil spirit capable of anything –even murder– to stop the truth from coming out.  ‘The Love Curse’ is the story of a great love, as immense as it is impossible...  A tale full of magic, laughter and hope, but also tears, pain, secrets, fears, and crimes intended to prevent the triumph of good over evil, making sure that Yamilet Lopez is never free of the curse that keeps her from finding happiness.