You Are My Life


Mi Vida Eres Tu English Trailer

An intense love story unfolds amidst action and deceit in this contemporary telenovela filmed in some of Miami’s most spectacular locations.

Daniela and Gabriel meet by chance and sparks instantly fly between them in spite of the fact that they are both already romantically involved.  Daniela has been dating Ricardo for years, but he is still not willing to commit to marriage, and is consistently unfaithful. And while Gabriel is engaged to the superficial Raquel, what he feels for her is not really love, but lust. He has been pressured to stay in this relationship by his godmother Angela, who for selfish reasons that will be revealed later on, insists that he marry Raquel.

Although Gabriel has inherited an enormous fortune after the death of his parents, he cares very little about money and his rank in society. So he instead devotes his time to his greatest passion, radio, hosting a top rated late night show. Genuinely interested in Daniela, he conceals his wealth and moves to the same middle class neighborhood where she lives, in order to be close to her.

Romance flourishes between them, but insurmountable complications are in store for the couple. The ruthless Raquel and Angela connive to keep them apart… Daniela discovers Gabriel’s lie about his true identity and feels terribly deceived…  Angela’s nephew, Aristeo, falls in love with Daniela and will stop at nothing to make her his—including involving the Mafia to eliminate whoever gets in his way, as his father is an infamous gangster whose millions were made illegally…

With action-filled subplots and a variety of fascinating characters, You Are My Life brings viewers thrilling entertainment from the first episode to the last.