Yearning for Your Love


Sueno Con Tu Amor English Trailer

A profoundly absorbing story told with a light and humorous touch, featuring multifaceted characters that win viewers over with their depth and charm.

This intriguing telenovela is based on two lifelong friends- both beautiful and intelligent, but complete opposites in everything else. Dr. Gloria Miralles is rich, arrogant and very lonely, almost to the point of bitterness. Despite her enormous material wealth and professional success, she feels very poor in every other aspect of her life. School teacher Fe Quintero, on the other hand, works hard to help her parents make ends meet but what she lacks in luxury and comfort is amply made up for by an abundance of love. Unlike Gloria, Fe's warm, outgoing character has won her the genuine affection of everyone around her, and her parents, although unable to provide much in the way of worldly possessions, have given her boundless love and stability.

What's missing from Fe's life, which puts her on the same page as Gloria, is romantic love. Neither of the two have a man in their life. That is until Fe meets Sergio Girmán.

Sergio, a brilliant legal assistant, appears in Fe's life on the very same day that a Tarot card reading announces the arrival of her prince charming. A fervent believer in all things New Age, the very spiritual Fe is convinced that Sergio is "the one" and is immediately swept off her feet by his lovable, cheerful and optimistic personality. The feeling is mutual and it's love at first sight.

Now madly in love and radiant with joy, Fe unknowingly unleashes Gloria's rage and envy. Having spent a lifetime following her mother's orders to be kind and charitable to Fe, the chauffeurs' daughter, Gloria cannot understand why her "lowly" friend should find happiness while she remains unlucky in love. So, she focuses all of her energy on sabotaging Fe's romance by any means possible, including trying to seduce the good-hearted Sergio herself and conniving with Fe's former flame, Valentin.

Things become more intense when Gloria discovers her dying mother's real reason for helping Fe all these years: Fe and Gloria are half sisters. Appalled, Gloria vows that Fe will never find out, or receive the huge inheritance her mother hes left for her.

Meanwhile, Fe fearfully wonders why all her esoteric resources- Tarot cards, astral charts, premonitions- are warning her that danger lies ahead. And what began as a perfect romance is beginning to unravel-never knowing that her most vicious enemy hides behind a pretense of loyalty: her best friend and half-sister, Gloria.