Valeria English Trailer

Valeria Hidalgo is a young woman full of hopes and dreams. She is about to graduate with a law degree and wants to help her mother and siblings live a better life. But despite her radiant smile, she is not happy. A dark incident from her past haunts her—an incident that directly involves the powerful Riquelme family.

The Riquelmes own one of the most important and highly regarded law firms in Miami, where Leopoldo works with his father, Samuel. Fate brings  Leopoldo and Valeria together, and they fall hopelessly in love.  In Leopoldo’s arms, Valeria seems ready to forget the past. He asks her to marry him but their happiness is suddenly cut short when Juan Ignacio, Leopoldo’s brother, appears. As it turns out, Juan Ignacio is the man who cruelly destroyed Valeria's life years ago. Then, the wicked and merciless Miroslava Montemar appears, who resorts to every means possible, however unrefined, to make Leopoldo hers. And so, Leopoldo and Valeria become the target of countless evil acts perpetrated by different characters in the story.

Another brutal event will impact everyone’s life—and when Leopoldo is accused of a crime he did not commit, Valeria, now a powerful attorney,  has him convicted despite the profound love she still feels for  him. It seems that their fate is marked by hate and betrayal. Valeria and Leopoldo walk a fine line, on the verge of tipping over and the hope of salvaging their love seems like an impossible dream.