Tropico English Trailer

From the rich traditions of a tobacco plantation to the glamour of a beauty pageant in search of the perfect Caribbean woman, this extraordinary novela production takes viewers inside a sultry tropical paradise where passion, romance and intrigue unfurl.

Venevision International brings worldwide TV audiences an enthralling love story set in the magnificent tropical scenery of the Dominican Republic, featuring the much anticipated return to telenovelas of Latin music superstar José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma.”

After being several years away from television, “El Puma” is back in a leading role as Guillermo Guzmán de la Flor, owner of the renowned cigar factory and tobacco plantation “La Guzmana,” and also owner of a multi-million dollar media and hotel conglomerate based in Santo Domingo. Attractive, charming and immensely successful, Guillermo has two sons, Antonio and Juan Pablo, different in every way, but both in line to inherit control of the Guzmán empire.

At “La Guzmana,” in the picturesque town of San José de las Matas, works Angelica Santos, a beautiful young orphan who has been brought up in poverty by her wicked aunt Roberta. During the day, Angelica rolls cigars with the utmost care and respect for her country’s traditions; but at night, she is forced to wait tables at her aunt’s shabby bar, where the worst kind of men are always trying to take advantage of her. Angélica dreams of escaping that terrible environment, fearing that one day her aunt will demand that she give into her customers’ sordid wishes, but she sees no way out, until she is given the opportunity to participate in a new beauty contest launched in the capital by one of the Guzmáns’ television networks.

Angelica’s decision to compete in the “Caribbean Queen” pageant puts her in contact with Antonio, who is spearheading the contest. Love blossoms between them almost instantly and this incredibly fortunate turn of events promises to radically change Angelica’s life. But evil lurks near the loving couple, as Antonio’s snobbish mother, his bitter ex-girlfriend and his greedy brother Juan Pablo connive to separate them. The three villains conspire with Angelica’s aunt Roberta, who arrives in the capital in search of easy blackmail money after reading about Angelica and Antonio in the newspaper, and together the four of them make plans to expose the young woman’s fabricated past as a prostitute.

A little bit before their wedding, Angelica and Antonio watch their future fall apart as the “truth” about her past is made revealed. Antonio falls for the deception and feels betrayed by Angelica, calling off their engagement. In a matter of moments, Angelica’s life and reputation are destroyed. Thirsty for justice, she forms an alliance with Ramiro, Guillermo’s godson, who also has serious grievances against the Guzmán family and revenge becomes her driving force.