Acorralada English Trailer

A powerful story of love, hate and revenge in a luxurious setting. Lavish mansions, sparkling ocean views, world-famous beaches, a breathtaking skyline, beautiful people… The quintessential elements of the trendy Miami, Florida play a starring role in Venevision International’s original production, "Trapped", an enthralling telenovela with all the ingredients necessary for an international hit.

The unbridled malice of the Irazábal family strikes twice to destroy the lives of a mother and daughter, 20 years apart. Two decades ago, the evil Octavia Irazábal stole everything that was most dear to Fedora, from her two infant daughters to her booming perfume factory. And as if that was not enough, she framed Fedora for a crime she did not commit, and for which she was convicted. Now that Fedora is finally released from prison, she vows to recover the life that was so cruelly taken from her long ago.

What Fedora could never have imagined is that her eldest daughter, Diana, now 23 and a practicing nurse, will cross paths with the Irazábals, fall in love with Octavia’s son, Maximiliano and, just like her mother, become victim of this powerful family’s wickedness. Luckily, fate brings together Fedora, who in her newfound freedom has become a nightclub singer called “La Gaviota” (The Seagull,) and Diana, not knowing that they are mother and daughter, as she and her sister, Gaby, were raised to believe that they are orphans. Through her friendship with Diana, "Gaviota" also finds Gaby, who coincidentally works as a maid for the Irazábals.

Knowing how cold-blooded and dangerous Octavia Irazábal and her allies can be, "Gaviota" warns her daughters to stay away from the family altogether. But no warning, however strong, can interfere with the love that Diana and Maximiliano feel for each other—a love that will be challenged, attacked, and virtually crushed by a group of malicious characters conniving against the couple… until "Gaviota" finally succeeds in getting her revenge and bringing down the Irazabals, saving her daughter from being trapped in their evil schemes.