Torrente: A Torrent of Passions


Torrente English Trailer

How far should friends go to help each other? How much can they share without risking their friendship? In this stirring telenovela, two women find out the hard way.

Ana Julia Briceño is a successful obstetrician, happily married to Reinaldo Gabaldón, a pediatrician. Lucky in friendship as well as in love, she knows she can always count on her truest, dearest friend, psychiatrist Valeria Velutini. And that’s exactly who she turns to when faced with a difficult situation.

After many attempts to become pregnant, Ana Julia has discovered that a malformation in her uterus will never allow her to have her own child. But Reinaldo adamantly rejects her suggestion of hiring a surrogate mother. When she shares this dilemma with Valeria, her desperation evident, Valeria selflessly offers her own womb. The plan is to fertilize one of Ana Julia’s eggs with Reinaldo’s sperm and then implant the embryo in Valeria’s uterus—but no one can know their plan, especially Reinaldo. They will say that Valeria is accidentally pregnant, and reveal the truth once the baby is born, confident that Reinaldo will fall in love with his baby and forgive them for their deceit.

However, life doesn’t always go as planned, so things take an unexpected turn for these two women. On the way to a medical conference in Brazil, Ana Julia’s plane crashes deep in the Amazon jungle and everyone on board is declared dead. Now Valeria is faced with the pain of losing her best friend, the burden of the secret she is carrying in her womb, and Reinaldo’s inconsolable grief. As time passes, Reinaldo and Valeria find comfort in each other and eventually spend the night together. As the bond between them grows stronger, and Valeria’s stomach grows bigger, she tells him he is the father of her child—leaving out the fact that Ana Julia is the biological mother.

Meanwhile, Ana Julia is very much alive in the Amazon, but has completely lost her memory. She is being cared for by Bayardo Santa Cruz, the man who rescued her. Before he can help her discover her past, however, Ana Julia is wrongly put in jail. While she spends months in jail, she recovers her memory and escapes with Bayardo’s help… running back home to resume her life.

What she finds is truly shocking: her best friend is married to her husband, and they have a beautiful little girl—her little girl!

Now, a torrent of emotions begin to outpour as Ana Julia tries to recover what’s rightfully hers, while Valeria tries to hold on to the life she has come to love so dearly. Supported by a host of complementary characters who take sides with the two women, both discover that the maternal instinct is infinitely stronger than the strongest of friendships.