Three Sisters


Arroz Con Leche English Trailer

Three sisters discover that the road to everlasting love is a lot bumpier than they imagined.

They were brought up to believe that love should last forever. Their parents were the perfect happy couple, and even after their mother’s death, their father still worshiped her like a goddess. So why is it so hard for Belén, Amanda and Teresa to achieve that same level of love in their own lives?

Teresa, the eldest, is married to José Manuel. Although she tells herself that everything is fine, she knows that something is wrong with the relationship, especially when she finds him kisssing his young –and ambitious– assistant. Perhaps if she applied her skills as a psychologist/sexologist to her own marriage, things would improve… or would they?

Amanda is a frustrated housewife. She spends her days taking care of her sexist husband, Tomás, and their two children, but she desperately wants more out of life. Opportunity knocks on her door when a friend asks her to manage the beauty salon she is about to open. There, Amanda will prove that she is capable of running a successful business. And there, after meeting Rodrigo, she will discover that true love can arrive at any given  moment, even if you’re already a wife and mother.

Belén is the youngest sister and the most naïve. Totally committed to her boyfriend Dantón, she has given him everything, even a baby. But little does she know, that she is third in line to win his heart; he has two other women and a number of children, to take care of. No wonder he spends so much time away “on business.” While she waits for Dantón’s sporadic appearances, her friend Simón, an aspiring chef, will do everything in his power to win her heart… starting with paving the way to her stomach by treating her to his delicious concoctions.

Refreshing and witty, Three Sisters is a lighthearted telenovela, rich with charismatic characters that face everyday situations that viewers everywhere can easily relate to. But most of all, it is a thoroughly romantic story that follows the joys, fears, choices and loves of three modern-day women in search of happiness.