The Talisman


El Talisman - English Trailer

Located in the breathtaking countryside surrounding Fresno, California, an impressive ranch called the The Talisman, is the centerpiece of this enthralling telenovela featuring the famous Blanca Soto (Eva Luna) and internationally famous heartthrob Rafael Novoa (A Corazón Abierto), alongside a world class cast. 

Soto plays Camila, a young woman whose life takes a drastic turn when she moves to The Talisman and meets Pedro (Novoa).  Camila’s father, Esteban Nájera, is a gambler who loses his Texas ranch in a card game. He eventually wins the money back and, to start anew, moves his family to California, where he buys The Talisman. Its previous owner, terminally ill, sells the ranch to Esteban so that his daughter will be taken care of when he passes.  But right before his death, he realizes that the sale was a big mistake and begs Pedro Ibarra, his foreman and protégé, to marry his daughter Mariana and recover The Talisman at any cost.

Camila’s arrival to her new home marks the beginning of a passionate love story with many twists and turns.  From the moment they meet, she and Pedro realize they are meant for each other.  But Pedro has many enemies to overcome, beginning with Gregorio Negrete, the owner of the neighboring ranch, who will stop at nothing to take over The Talisman. Gregorio's children, Lucrecia and Antonio, fall for Pedro and Camila, respectively, and conspire to seperate them at all costs. Not to mention Pedro's marriage to emotionally unstable Mariana is yet another obstacle for the couple.

Gregorio tricks Camila's father into playing a game of poker and cheats his way to win The Talisman. When Pedro finds out, he plays Gregorio for the ranch and wins it back. Camila feels betrayed by Pedro for taking the ranch away from her family and leaving them in the streets, so she leaves The Talisman far behind her. 

Years later, Camila's job brings her back to the ranch where she encounters Pedro and realizes that she is still very much in love with him. Now Camila must face the past and secrets that reveal to her that Pedro is not the villian she thought he was. But is it too late for Camila?

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