Rosario Trailer (English)

Rosario is a dedicated law student with a passion for helping immigrants.  Alejandro is a prominent immigration attorney who has his own law firm. When they meet for the first time at a legal conference, sparks fly. Shortly after when Rosario begins to work for him, their mutual attraction and shared interests turn into true love.

However, Rosario and Alejandro are unaware that he is the very same man that her mother, Magdalena, almost married 21 years ago. What happened back then changed Magdalena’s life forever, leading her to lie to her daughter all along. Upon discovering that Magdalena was pregnant with the child of his worst enemy, Alejandro broke off the engagement because he could never raise that man's child as his own. When Rosario was born, the unwed Magdalena decided to conceal who the real father was and instead told Rosario that her father had abandoned them.

Years later, fate brings Rosario and Alejandro together in true love. But when it is revealed how the past connects them, there will be devastating consequences. Their differing opinions about the truth will come between them. They not only will have to face the lies and secrets that were kept hidden from them for so long, but also the wicked schemes Alejandro's ex-girlfriend, Priscilla, has plotted against them. Unwilling to give up on Alejandro, Priscilla will stop at nothing to keep him away from Rosario.

Just as Rosario’s and Alejandro’s troubles stem from the past, the key to their happiness is also hidden there and their only hope is to find it before it’s too late.

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