Recipe for a Family Feud


Harina De Otro Costal - English Trailer

This could be the story of a friendship, a great friendship.  In fact, we’d love to tell you the story of two men who have been friends for years and treat each other as brothers. So much so, that they were present at each other’s weddings and baptized and raised their children together. They even went as far as becoming business partners and opened a bakery proudly called “La Nuestra,” to showcase their hard work and strong friendship.

We’d very much like to tell you that Valentina, one of their daughters, fell in love with Victor, the other’s son, and how their dream of getting married was fulfilled and that everyone was happy and celebrating. We’d love to tell you that story but we can’t because things never turned out that way.

It’s been thirty years since those two men, Aniceto and Plutarco, have been able to call each other friends. After a huge fallout at their bakery, they became sworn enemies. According to the grapevine, their fallout did not have much to do with their bakery but rather their wives Maigualida and Carmencita were somehow involved. No one knows what really happened, but what we do know is that these two families knead their bread and bake their cakes with the same determination and hatred they have for one another. A hatred so deep that their friends, workers and even customers have been dragged into it.

Anyway, we would have loved to have told you the story of a great friendship between two happy families but the happiness doesn’t last very long. This story isn’t that of fairy tales but of ordinary people and enough drama to go on for ages. Also, these characters put their pride before their happiness, only complicating their lives even further. Whether there is a solution or not for that, well, that’s a recipe for a family feud!