Rebel Angel


Angel Rebelde English Trailer

Lucía is a cheerful, optimistic and hardworking young woman who helps support her family as a bus driver in Miami. The city streets are her world—and life’s ups and downs have taught her, at an early age, how to protect herself from everything and everyone. But nothing has prepared her for the fierce rival she will soon have to face… a relentless enemy ready to do whatever it takes to steal the love of her life.

Lucía is deeply in love with Raúl, a poor young man who works tirelessly at his uncle’s modest plant nursery. Raúl feels the same towards Lucía, and things are wonderful between them until he accepts a job at the luxurious mansion owned by the Covarrubias family. His entry into that household changes everything. Because there he meets Cristal, one of the granddaughters of the matriarch of the family, Doña Enriqueta Covarrubias. Cristal has a devastating beauty—and an evil, treacherous soul. So much so, that she is capable of seducing her own brother-in-law, Ernesto, pracitically right in front of her innocent sister Natacha. When she meets Raúl, Cristal is instantly infatuated by him, and decides to make him hers despite their social differences. From that moment on, she becomes Lucía’s worst nightmare. Raúl is bewitched not only by Cristal’s beauty, but also by her wealth and sophistication, without ever knowing that, in reality, she is as venomous as a snake.

But there’s something else that Raúl cannot even begin to imagine: Cristal and  Lucía are cousins, and part of the Covarrubia fortune belongs to Lucía. This secret has been kept for many years; just a handful of people are aware of it. The events that led to this bizarre situation happened 20 years ago, when Elena, Lucía’s mother, was impregnated by Doña Enriqueta’s business partner, Alejandro Valderrama. Outraged, Doña Enriqueta disinherited her daughter Elena, ruined Alejandro and used her contacts to have him convicted for a murder he did not commit. Destitute and alone, Elena ran away from everyone and hid the truth from Lucía.

Suddenly, the past reappears to impact Lucía’s life. Her father, released from prison, searches for his beloved Elena and is finally able to avenge the ruthless Doña Enriqueta, recovering everything she took away from him. Having regained his family and fortune, Alejandro concentrates on transforming Lucía into a refined, elegant woman. In this new life, she finds new loves interests and new dreams along the way…but deep inside, Lucía continues to be that same girl in love with Raúl. And now she is ready to face the most difficult battle of her life: to conquer the love she has lost.