¡Qué Locura!


¡Qué Locura! - Spanish Trailer

¡Qué Locura! is a hidden camera program that captures real and spontaneous reactions from unsuspecting participants. What its best known for is pranking celebrities and public figures, allowing audiences the opportunityw to see a different side of their favories stars .

¡Qué Locura! first aired in September of 2001 and is produced by Hugo Carregal, one of the most well-known producers in Venezuelan television. Head of his production team is his friend Luís "Moncho" Martínez, alongside Douglas Hernández, Julio Cesar “Rocky” Isturiz, Irán “La Cachi” Lovera, Oliver López, Edgardo Márquez, Carolina Rodríguez, and director Rafael "Cara é Cabra" Suárez. Together, this team has turned this show into an outlet for families to unwind and relax every week.

Without a doubt, one reason this show is so successful is its ability to stay fresh. It constantly has new and innovative situations with Latin America's favorite characters that everyone in the family enjoys.