Never Too Late


Vieja Yo English Trailer

What happens when a vibrant middle aged woman finally decides to go after the happiness that’s eluded her for so long?

Trapped in an unfulfilling marriage to a man who practically ignores her, frustrated with a career that never took off, and always yearning for something more, Margot realizes she needs a drastic change in every aspect of her life. But could it be too late? She’s over fifty years old, still attractive but past her prime, and her résumé reads “aspiring actress who got married and had children.” Not much to go on, but she refuses to let that stand in her way.

One day, she finally takes the plunge and decides to pursue acting. She goes to a casting call for a commercial for the department store in which her husbands works for and that decision marks a new beginning for Margot.

Because there, Margot is offered the role of a lifetime: she's asked to put her acting talent to good use by passing herself off as the store’s new general manager, as part of a scheme concocted by the department store owner. Here she’ll find a powerful reason to break away from her past and feel young again. His name is José Antonio, he’s the owner’s grandson, and he falls passionately in love with her as she does with him. The fact that she’s twenty years older than he, doesn't’t discourage them. But it does fuel the wrath of his gorgeous and mean-spirited girlfriend, Estefanía, who can’t understand why he prefers someone his mother’s age to her fresh beauty.

And so this utterly improbable couple embarks on a romantic journey where tenderness, joy and wonder collide with conflict and confrontation. A heartwarming story told in a lighthearted, humorous tone that will thoroughly entertain viewers and have them rooting for Margot’s success.

Through Margot and José Antonio, as well as the personal stories of the many diverse characters that work at the department store, this refreshing telenovela proves that it’s never too late to start living life to the fullest and happiness comes to those who dare to seek it out.