My Heart's Desire


Ciudad Bendita English Trailer

Fresh and charmingly unconventional... An unusual love story with universal appeal.

This contemporary telenovela centers around an unrequited love. A steadfast but practically hopeless love, depicting a universal predicament that viewers all over the world can easily identify with. Anyone who has ever loved without being loved in return, will connect with this story and make it their own.

Juan Lobo is an aspiring musician. Talented but unlucky, he returns home after an unsuccessful tour abroad with his band. On the bus ride back home, he meets the girl of his dreams, Bendita, who is also returning home with shattered dreams. Bendita had gone to consult with one more doctor, the last one on a long list of specialists who have told her there is no remedy for her condition.

Thus, fate brings together two ordinary people, entirely different from the typical "beautiful" stereotypes that are commonly expected from leading characters of a telenovela. Juan Lobo is not what anyone would consider handsome, but his poetic nature and sweet disposition offset his lack of good looks. And while lovely inside and out, Bendita walks with a severe limp, which has caused her to shy away from men.

Coincidentally, both Juan Lobo and Bendita live in the same neighborhood-a poor urban area where everyone struggles on a daily basis to make ends meet. The more Juan Lobo sees Bendita, the deeper in love he falls. For her, however, he is no more than a friend, the best friend she has ever had. Juan Lobo's tragedy is that Bendita has become infatuated with Junior, a vain and superficial young man who seduces anyone who looks his way.

While Juan Lobo desperately tries to win Bendita's heart, a kaleidoscope of vibrant characters revolves around the couple, adding humor, entertainment and human interest through fascinating subplots that complement the central storyline. From Juan Lobo's aunt, Maga, a single mother doing her best to give her son a decent life, to the comical shop owner Puro who is the neighborhood's most prosperous merchant, who has a thing for heavy women and insists on overfeeding his slender wife. My Heart's Desire brilliantly depicts the lives of everyday people in any modern-day metropolis, while telling the timeless story of an impossible love.