Lucia's Secrets


Los Secretos De Lucia (English Trailer)

In a hostile, urban world brimming with violence and inhabited by ruthless people, the beautiful Lucía is running for her life and doesn't know who she is running from. A mysterious event has left her in amnesia, clouding not only her memories but also her sense of purpose. The one thing Lucía knows for certain is that she must escape from those who want to harm her. 

In the midst of the frenzied race that her life has become, she meets Miguel, a handsome young mechanic who, captivated by this enigmatic woman’s beauty, decides to help her despite the consequences he may face. Love quickly comes into the equation and Miguel becomes her inseparable companion in this frantic escape. In time, sporadic flashes from the past begin to illuminate Lucía’s memory, leading her to realize the terrible truth: she is the daughter of a vicious arms trafficker and she herself took part in his business, as well as in numerous violent murders. She also discovers that she is, in fact, a criminal, and that “Lucía” is only one of her many aliases.

Going back to that life would force Lucía to question the values she has come to embrace as her own, as well as sacrifice Miguel’s love by re-embarking on a path that she now knows is not right. She decides to rebel against her past and confront it, with the hope that she still has the chance to redeem herself.

Lucía and Miguel will face countless challenges during the dangerous adventure that awaits them—an adventure that will throw them into unimaginable situations. Situations in which death is always one step behind them.

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