Over the years, kidnappings have become a major issue in many Latin American countries and Colombia has suffered like no other to this horror. Kidnapped, a co-production between History Channel, Zoom Canal, Universitario Nacional de Colombia, MAZDOC Documentaries and  City TV, will show the evolution of these crimes and how they have been used by armed groups as a means of living and as political gestures. "Kidnapped" will highlight some of the major events that have happened over the years and will be narrated by individuals who experienced those events firsthand. 

Over six months in production, 35 days of filming, and a 40 person production team, Kidnapped provides a profound look into the kidnappings in Colombia through recreated scenes filmed in the National Police camps of the Hulia department.

Kidnapped includes testimonials from former president of Colombia Andres Pastrana, former vice president Francisco Santos and historian Rafael Pardo to name a few. In addition to the hardships of the kidnapped victims, such as former congressman Oscar Tulio Lizcano, journalists, politicians, military and anonymous citizens will share and help us understand the terror they have endured.

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