I Bet You'll Laugh


A Que Te Ríes - Spanish Trailer

A star-studded cast will make you laugh every night with "I Bet You'll  Laugh" A statement that comes to life when a select group of comedians present you with a new vision of comedy, with jokes, sketches and funny situations in a reality-show style: Wílmer Ramírez, Carlos Rodríguez (Rafucho), main actor Américo Navarro, in company with Henry Rodríguez, Andreína Álvarez, Marielena Heredia, Ariel Fedulo, Juan Carlos Dávila, Napoleón Rivero, Jorge Luis González (Jordy), Gloria Ordoñez and Guillermo Díaz, and with the special help of Gaetano Ruggiero, Alejandro Corona and Gabriela Rodríguez. 

The strength of this show is its humorous take on everyday situations and that it provides the perfect dose of good humor and mischief. It will bring a smile to your face.

"I Bet You'll Laugh" will also have guest stars that will have the chance to show their comedic skills, a side that audiences otherwise would never see.  

This funny show is produced by Carlos Cerutti and Francisco Martínez. Julio Iglesias, Ricardo Aguilar and Melissa Nahmens also play an important role in this commitment to making you laugh.

So sit back and enjoy, because I bet you'll laugh!