Heart and Soul


Con Toda El Alma English Trailer

A fresh, contemporary storyline and a cast of talented teen actors make this production a sure winner with young viewers everywhere.

Targeted principally to young adults, Heart and Soul delivers great entertainment while addressing a variety of issues that deeply resonate with today’s youth. Your first love, friendship, social differences, divorce, teen pregnancy and the high school experience as a whole, are just some of the topics presented within this engaging coming-of-age story.

After their parents’ painful separation, teen sisters Andrea and Vicky Briceño must leave their lavish home with their mother, Ana Cecilia, and move into their grandmother’s house in a much more modest neighborhood. Accustomed to living in luxury, they find it difficult to deal with their new circumstances. Andrea reacts surprisingly well, accepting the change with maturity and resignation. But Vicky, spoiled and rebellious, refuses to accept her new life.

A new school and new friends create challenges that the girls have never faced before. While trying to overcome being labeled as "the new girl," Andrea is reacquainted with her childhood friend Sebastián, who quickly becomes her first and only true love. However, their relationship will not be easy, as others conspire against it. Meanwhile, Vicky’s haughty and defiant attitude brings many conflicts. Eventually, forcing her to face reality and finally grow up.

When everything finally seems to fall into place for the sisters- including their mother Ana Cecilia who gets a second chance at love with the school principal, Santiago-their life is disrupted once again. Andrea and Vicky’s father shows up to take them away from the neighborhood he does not feel is good enough for his daughters.

The vivid experiences of these two young girls, their friendships, loves, joys, heartbreaks and dilemmas, make for a truly captivating story with universal appeal.