Enrique Santos' Arena


El Palenque de Enrique Santos - Spanish Trailer

Enrique Santos’ Arena is presented by Enrique Santos. Enrique is one of the most popular radio hosts on US Hispanic stations. His radio show is broadcast every day to 12 different markets throughout the nation. Charismatic, amusing and endearing, Enrique owns an open laugh, ready to be offered to his followers and, at the same time, he is capable of sharing in the suffering of his guests, when provoked.

Anything can happen in this show, bringing us from laughter to tears, capturing and maintaining the viewers’ attention. It’s a new generation of talk show: dynamic, entertaining...at times fun, at times loaded with drama and emotions. A daily hour, filled with surprises and unexpected, stunning situations. The show takes place within the décor of an colorful arena, full of joy, music, and surrounded by a young, enthusiastic audience.

A concept so original, led by a talent with such a proven track record of success is, no doubt, a formula to guarantee the upmost results.

With Enrique Santos’ Arena a new era begins for Hispanic talk shows.

Available in HD.